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Confession time:

Over the eleven years I’ve spent playing Nancy Drew games, I have NEVER played anything but Junior Detective. Not even once.

55 notes i kid you not - you'd think that as i've played them a lot and therefore memorized them i would play senior - but nope - and i don't know why - Nancy Drew -
Posted on Jul. 09, 2012
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    Every single time I start a new game my mouse briefly hovers over Senior and I contemplate… One tentative step into the...
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    tried it once. didn’t get past the first puzzle. never again.
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    Same. I don’t know why but I just like playing on Junior. Maybe one day I’ll try Senior.
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    Neither have I…I can’t go without my task list.
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    This is also my confession. T_T
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    I played Curse of Blackmoor Manor on Senior because that’s what the walkthrough I found was for. :| So, technically,...
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    I am always way too terrified to play Senior, and I think I’ve only ever done it once with Last Train to Blue Moon...
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    Okay, so I’ve played WAC several times on Junior. Beaten it just about every time I played. So I decided, hey, let’s go...
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